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    Bringing Kids and Teachers to Water

    This program uses stream monitoring techniques to teach about water pollution and watershed function.  We provide workshops and lesson plans to facilitate teachers and enhance learning.

    Spring Side Science workshop dates 2017:

    Looking for macrosJune 6 - Cedar City
    June 27 - Lehi
    July 19 - Roosevelt
    August 1 - SLC
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    If you have a group of teachers who would like to schedule a workshop, we may be able to arrange for a separate workshop.  Stream Side Science is an excellent STEM multidisciplinary curriculum.  Lessons are designed to be used in both the field and classroom.  Contact us with any questions at or 435-797-2580.

    River Basins in the US

    US River BasinsThis link contains some really neat maps that would be great to share with you classrooms.  It shows the enormous network of rivers and streams in the contiguous US. US River Basins - Maps

    Join us for Utah Water Watch

    UWW Training

    Interested in participating in citizen monitoring with your class? Check back in the winter/spring for Utah Water Watch training dates and contact us about your interest.  Utah Water Watch is based on Stream Side Science principles and techniques.  It is an excellent way to introduce students to citizen science and have had 34 teachers participate so far!  Data is entered in a database that is viewed by the public and watershed managers.  

    More Information

    Adaptations of Stream Side Science

    Katie using SSS

    A teacher in Kansas City adapts Stream Side Science into her classroom. Wondering how to adapt our lesson plans into your classroom?  They are designed for all grades and adaptable to many subjects. Contact us for more information.

    "Changes in knowledge and attitude from a short-term aquatic education program"

    NR Days

    Recent assessment of a 4th grade field day program in Cache County by Tiffany Kinder of USU showed that after a short-term environmental education program, participants have a significant increase in knowledge after 2 weeks and after 8