Stream Side Science Lessons by Topic:

    Stream Side Science Lessons by Topic:


    Testing Water Chemistry

    Lesson Grade Range

    What's in the Water?

    Nitrogen Cycle 5-12
    When Things Heat Up


    Adaptations to Different Environments

    Lesson Grade Range
    Build-A-Bug (pdf) K-6
    Macroinvertebrate Mix and Match (pdf) K-6
    Macroinvertebrate Simon Says (pdf) K-6
    Who Lives in the Water? 5-12
    Wetland vs. Stream Macroinvertebrates 5-12
    Aquatic Invasion! 5-12
    Riparian Review 5-12


    Water Cycle

    Lesson Grade Range
    A Drop in the Bucket (pdf) K-6
    The Incredible Journey (pdf) K-6
    Water Cycle Relay Race (pdf) K-6
    Water Cycle Drama (pdf) K-6
    Where's the Water 5-12
    That's Predictable 5-12
    Water Management 5-12


    Full Lesson Manuals

    Lesson Grade Range
    Bugs Don't Bug Me Manual (pdf) K-6
    Stream Side Science Manual (pdf) 5-12