Core Alignments

    Core Alignments

    Stream Side Science is a watershed education program designed to facilitate teachers in meeting core requirement in a variety of subjects across grade levels. 

    Many of the lesson plans include science, management, and policy aspects of water science and water quality which are easily integrated into multiple subjects including mathematics, science, social studies, natural resources, and English Language Arts. Many lesson plans include STEM activities to follow up on.  

    • To view Utah core curriculum alignments by grade level use the navigation bar on the left or click on the links below:

              -  Kindergarten
              -  1st Grade
              -  2nd Grade
              -  3rd Grade
              -  4th Grade
              -  5th Grade
              -  6th Grade - new 6.4.1 SEEd connection
              -  7th Grade
              -  8th Grade
              -  High School


    "The concept of water may be one of the most integral of all concepts related to life and the earth and thus is critical to achieving an understanding of the complexity and interrelatedness of earth systems. Without water, life as we know it would not exist. If education is to move into an integrated and holistic mode, we must seek clear examples of concepts that can be used to bridge the so-called traditional disciplines such as biology, chemistry, social studies, mathematics and art. Water provides such an example.”
    - M. Brody, “Development of a Framework for Water Education,” 1995.