Lessons by Grade

    Lessons by Grade




     Bugs Don't Bug Me - Full Manual (pdf)


    Lesson 1: Build-A-Bug (pdf)

    Designed to help introduce students to aquatic macroinvertebrates and the adaptations that allow them to live in an aquatic environment.

    Lesson 2: Macroinvertebrate Mix and Match (pdf)

    This activity will introduce students to aquatic macroinvertebrates (primarily insects) and the major segments (the head, thorax, and abdomen) and differentiation between larval, nymph, and adult stages.

    Lesson 3: Macroinvertebrate Simon Says (pdf)

    Introduces students to the adaptations of macroinvertebrates and their feeding habits.

    Lesson 4: Macroinvertebrate Investigation (pdf)

    Through collection and observation, students learn about macroinvertebrates. 

    Lesson 5: Macroinvertebrate Graphing Activity (pdf)

    Teaches students to describe and identify the quality of a stream site by analyzing the aquatic macroinvertebrates that live there. 

    Lesson 6: If Bugs Could Talk (pdf)

    Introduces students to the link between aquatic macroinvertebrates, land use activities, and water pollution.

    Lesson 7: Water Pollution Graphing (pdf)

    Teaches students the link between land use activities and water quality.

    Lesson 8: A Drop in the Bucket (pdf)

    Teaches students the different sources of freshwater, and the relative ratios of these water sources on the earth. 

    Lesson 9: The Incredible Journey (pdf)

    Students will simulate the movement of water through the water cycle. 

    Lesson 10: Water Cycle Drama (pdf)

    Students will learn the different parts of the water cycle by playing a game similar to charades.


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